High Socks, Shorts & Snowshoes 

May 27th, 2017 

Crater Lake National Park, OR

It was inevitable that our bait turned into a few snacks, the squirrels weren’t biting. We opted to pack light, forgetting weapons, skipping over dinner and packing a light breakfast that bears might run off with anyways.  Why? Luxury snow camping.  Check out this luxury king built into our tent.  No chilly feet here, we were much closer to refilming the princess and the pea.  Layer by layer, thick tarps, yoga mats, sleeping pads, a dozen blankets in making it a nice star gazing tent. Don’t worry it’s all free. What’s the catch?  Backpacking 3 miles away from our wheels. We dropped off our packs 2 miles in and hitchhiked back to our packs because we weren’t allowed to park at Discovery Point.  Don’t worry man, we are officially in Oregon where it’s safe enough to stick your thump out and make some new friends. Finally hitting the snow with our kinda heavy, 40% king mattress packs.  

Sinking deep into the snow we discovered these floppy snow shoes.  Tripping over our own feet we stumbled upon one the the most magical sunset preformed by the wizard himself.  We couldn’t make out to meet him on his enchanted island over the snow covered caps but we will be back! 

We dropped our packs, more importantly the tarp which symbolized the end of wrong turns, being too late even though your 10 minutes early.  

A word of advice for my adventures: Wilderness Passes from Crater Lake must be obtained before 4:48 at the first visitor station not the Rim Village Visitor Center. Snow shoes are at the gift shop near the Rim Village Visitor Center.

Needless to say we were running like T-Rex in pursuit and more importantly splitting up to make it happen.  In the end, we didn’t hike in the dark or miss the wizardly sunset.  Sucess that could only be realized once that tarp was down!  No Bears here, just a doze melting squeeks.
My tea sure didn’t put me to sleep realizing it’s sweetness was on the level of Crater Lakes pristine views.  One like the sunrise, honey flowed over the peaks reflecting over Crater Lake’s snow covered peaks. Yes, it’s a must see but next time without a tent full of honey.  Note to self don’t bring honey in bear county.  Like magic we setup camp and swallowed some last treats only sugar, honey tea and coco for this sweet dinner delight. Awaiting for the sunrise among a starry sky that made our dreams thrive.


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