Lace those Lines!

I don’t think it’s fair.  I don’t think it’s right and I don’t think gender defines these lines.

I don’t wear heels even if it’s Director of Sales. I rarely wear dress shoes because I’d rather wear dresses and nice tennis shoes. I’m still trying to impress you. 

Shout out to Asics for making my dreams come true!  Running though airports, I might miss that flight.  I’m not heeling to those standards. Wouldn’t even chance it.

Matter of fact, I’m getting compliments. I’d scream to attest to the meaning of all this.  You like my tennis shoes with my dress? What a success!  Am I so Daring?  Change the standard?  I’ll support you.  I’d be a true fan.

Standing around at trade shows, expos, exhibitions. Oh My, I’d prefer not to believe this. Another episode of white girl wasted, only this time it’s flip flops at 5 0’clock, dropping those heels off.

If your employer’s not impressed with your new styling kicks. Demand a change. Ridiculous?  Get a doctor’s note. Come on. Gentilmen your not excluded.  Please, don’t think you’re not included. 

Laced up, nice and clean.  Business attire worth tying on.

Don’t Get Me Wrong.  Dirty Shoes Don’t Belong.  Dressing for Success is Guaranteed but don’t judge me tatting them laces up. 

Las Vegas International Airport ✈️

Must have been two years since Cinderella lost those heels in Havasupai’s Falls. 

If the Stewardess asks, I’ll take it black. No honey for this bitter beat. Brew til the point’s across.  If it’s not clear: She shouldn’t be wearing heels on planes.  I don’t agree with policy. Enact Change.

Don’t Heel, Share Me 👟👟